The Unique Benefits of Different Massage Techniques

Massage Types

It’s important to understand all the different massage types and benefits before choosing the one that will best fit your needs. Check out the official Snailax massage cheat-sheet to learn more about the massage types that might be right for you.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a type of Japanese massage that focuses on pressure points, but combines it with the rotation and stretching of joints to release energy and relax muscles in targeted areas.

Benefits: Shiatsu massage is known to comfort tight muscles and focuses on restoring a natural balance to your system.

Who it’s good for: As one of the most popular massages, the effects of Shiatsu massage are highly beneficial to the hectic, modern-day worker.

Intensity Level: High

Vibration Massage

Vibration massage uses a stroke that encompasses vibration, jostling and shaking, and can be effective in soothing or stimulating your body depending on the speed and amount of pressure applied.

Benefits: Vibration massage assists in relaxing muscles when applied to the abdomen or lower back.

Who it’s good for Vibration massage assists in relaxing muscles when applied to the abdomen or lower back.

Intensity Level: Low

Kneading Massage

Kneading massage uses a circular motion on both sides of your spine simultaneously. This technique focuses on providing comfort by lifting, stretching, and loosening your tense muscles.

Benefits: Kneading massage is great for loosening those highly tense, stubborn spots.

Who it’s good for: If your day-to-day consists of high-stress activity and you are looking to soothe tension, comfort tight muscles and improve overall balance for your body, a kneading massage just might be what the doctor ordered.

Intensity Level: High

Rolling Massage

Rolling massage offers a technique that applies constant pressure, rolling gently up and down your back, near the spine. This massage type is intended to warm and loosen your muscles, better preparing them for a deeper massage experience.

Benefits: Rolling massage eases muscle tension and is highly effective for relaxing the lower back.

Who it’s good for: This technique is ideal for someone who has a physically laborious job and experiences muscle tension, specifically in the lower back.

Intensity Level: Low to Medium

Percussion Massage

Traditionally, percussion massage is conducted in the form of rapid movements over specific areas of the body for relatively short but even sequences. Making use of the wrists, the body is struck with soft blows from each hand alternately.

Benefits: Percussion massage is known to relax tense muscles by providing maximum comfort to your back, neck, and shoulders.

Who it’s good for: This massage technique can be highly effective for training athletes who are looking to enhance muscle strength and improve overall muscle ability.

Intensity Level: Low to Medium

Compression Massage

A compression massage applies pressure to the muscle to help it relax as the massaging nodes rotate to sooth the tense muscle.

Benefits: Compression massage amplifies the massage experience by adding additional pressure to the target muscle to help it relax.

Who it’s good for: This type of massage is ideal from a runner, avid sports player or active individual.

Intensity Level: High

Spot Massage

Spot massage uses targeted massaging motions to effectively sooth and stimulate a particular part of the body to release unwanted tension when pressure is applied.

Benefits: Spot massage helps sooth tight and tense muscles by focusing on a target area.

Who it’s good for: If your feeling tension in a particular spot and looking to relax the tight muscle, spot massage is for you.

Intensity Level: Medium

Massage with Heat

Massage products can vary with or without heat as it serves as an additional feature on our massagers.

Benefits: Heat adds a soothing sensation allowing you to further relax.

Who it’s good for: Massage with heat is good for anyone who has tense muscles who is looking to enhance their massage experience.

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