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Back Massage Chair Pad

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Enjoy Affordable Relief With a Premium Back Massage Cushion With Heat Therapy from Snailax

We bring the comfort and therapeutic touch of Shiatsu massage to your home with our massage chair cushions. Each Snailax back massage seat cushion is designed to relieve neck and back pain. All our heated back massager products are equipped with advanced features and benefits to deliver maximum comfort and relaxation. The whole family will benefit from a heated back massage cushion. Free shipping is available for all orders. Whether your purchase is for personal use or a gift, the relief that a Snailax back massager provides is priceless!

Back Massage Cushion

Can I Turn Any Chair Into a Back Massager Chair?

When you use a back massage pad, soothing relief is available no matter where you sit. Each Snailax massage chair cover is specially designed to fit a variety of chairs and sofas. We also offer a cordless back massage cushion for the ultimate flexibility and pain relief on the go — no outlet needed!

Can I Customize the Setting of My Massage Cushion?

To completely customize your experience, each back massage chair pad combines multiple massage zones, deep kneading massage nodes, seat vibration, spot massage and adjustable heat. You can also choose to experience your massage without heat. All of the back massage cushion settings can be adjusted with the attached remote control.

Do You Offer a Warranty for The Snailax Back Massager?

We stand behind each and every one of our massage seat cushion products. We offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 90-day return and exchange policy. In addition, each heated back massager is backed by a two-year warranty.

Are back massagers worth it?

With multiple choices from back massage chairs to back massage cushions and pads, there are plenty of options when choosing a back massager that can bring multiple benefits, which is why an affordable back massager can be worth every penny.

Is it bad to use a back massager?

With so much variety when it comes to types of back massagers, it is important to know which kind of back massager is good for you. If you are wondering if using a back massager too much is bad for you or hurting your back, try a heated back massager as an alternative.